Fuck buddy

“I’d have sex with you every day if I could”, “I want you in bed!” – sex is improving, I’ll give him that!


My work buddy

The date last Thursday went alright. He’s been more on the asking side, I’ve found a number of similarities with G. Definitely a G.2. 

Unlike the first time, not only do I see his moves, but also what he’s trying to accomplish. Also see through all his BS.

All in all, he’s a good distraction, fun and smart, no more. He asked me out again. And since he’s a good kisser, I’m going. Also bought me a coffee today, called first and asked me about my preference too.

We agreed to go for a drink on Thursday. JM said that Thursday worked for him too, but a. if I wait for the guy, I’ll die without much action and b. I can squeeze both in one evening. I’m a master planner! 

Mark Clooney again

I saw him another day without the shower cap. Gorgeous! Just inappropriately gorgeous! A guy shouldn’t look like that, it’s ungodly! I on the other hand was wearing the silly gear – cap and the frigging safety shoes too. Darn it!

Today I was supposed to go for a meeting in my boss’s stead. Although chances of Mark being there were slim, I still dressed up. Luck was on my side, not only was he there, but took a place next to me and at some point leaned over to comment on something on the board – I could barely breathe, let alone make sense of whatever he was saying. Telling you, this guy has a way of shutting my brain down entirely. So hot!

Another ouch and silly stuff

I decided to start blogging about guys in a cheap romance novels style going forward.

Andrew (also known as the express ex boyfriend – I think I set my new personal record – a breakup after not even a month and four dates) – all she had left of him was the smell of his arousing aftershave on the collar of her winter coat. She would bury her face in delicious garment and her eyes would swell with tears of hurt and disappointment over and over again.

Mark – her chest was swelling with excitement from the upcoming meeting – there was a chance that He may be there! Her luck was running high that morning. Mark was so handsome that he looked hot even in the silly hairnet they were supposed to wear on the production floor. After some hesitation, she took the chair next to him. A wave of excitement shot through her whenever she dared to steal yet another peek at him. At some point he turned her way, leaned over the table and she could feel his hot breathing on her hand. For the rest of the day the moment would make her blush every time she went back to it in her mind.


Work crush continued

Saw my work crush aka Mark in a meeting this morning. In the meeting I wrote about three weeks ago I thought I was imagining things – but today I am certain – he IS flirting with me! The meeting was in a board room with a round table in the middle and more chairs at the walls. He was a the table, I was at the wall nearby. He sooo totally turned to the wall and glanced over to me few times when nothing was causing him to do so! Also winked at me when I was leaving the room. Ha! Silly stuff improves my moods for the day!

Also noticed another younger guy checking me out (same story – him at the table, turning towards me for no reason – caught him looking by accident, he’s not hot and married – a go away recipe right there).

It’s funny how I still feel surprised when I notice guys check me out – even two years into working out and putting effort into looking attractive.

Bingo! A new fancying object

There has to be a fancying object in the workplace! It’s an absolute must! Makes going in to work so much more interesting!

I found myself one at this place – it’s been nearly a year since I have started here too! The guy, let’s call him Mark (I love the name – and his name is as gorgeous), works on the shop floor (unlike myself – I’m at the office). That’s good – if the object is too close, it makes it hard to concentrate on work.

Mark is totally gorgeous – he is George Clooney type, only with green eyes and absolutely amazing voice. (Although I personally don’t usually like Clooney types, just describing the guy). Every lady in the office blushes when he comes in and starts flirting. It’s actually funny to watch. I saw him around before, but never paid attention – I mean, I heard the voice and my eyes were open, but I guess I was preoccupied with my dating drama.

He is smart too. And funny. And married. There’s always this major fuckup as it seems – whenever it comes to gorgeous guys. Oh well, my rules still allow for oggling and flirting when it comes to married guys.

Mark and I are in this new training series together – so we got to sit next to each other for an hour today, unfortunately, he was further from the screen than I, so I didn’t get to oggle him long enough. But He was leaning on the back of the chair next to mine, so at least I got a close view every time I dared to turn.

My updates

The Sweet Talker is back, asking me to give him another chance. Awww. How sweet. Still no.

The colleague guy I found jerky and somewhat shallow is back as well. And I don’t find him that annoying anymore actually. Not saying he’s amazing or anything, just that he’s OK. And he’s going through some rough times with his family, health related. That’s why he’s been so patchy about messaging with me. So I’ll keep him for now.

Another thing I found wondrous – it’s been just over two weeks since G. broke up with me. But I hardly hurt over it anymore. And I didn’t nearly as much as I expected I would. I mean, seeing or hearing his name or something that brings back memory of him will still make my heart skip a beat now and then, but nothing more.

Part of it is because of how infrequent our dates were – something positive out of it at least. But part of it is because I started to get disappointed in him by the time of the breakup. It wasn’t at a level where I was ready to admit it, not even to myself, but I was noticing signs of him not being what I imagined him to be – maybe those were evidence of my madness losing its intensity, doesn’t matter, all I know is that I didn’t think as highly and admiring as I used to at the height of of my obsession.