A near miss

I’m pretty certain JD was right behind me on the road today. Turned into the parking lot of a tavern I went to last night. I nearly turned around to go and see if it was indeed him. But I didn’t. My stomach kept churning for some time afterwards though.


My work buddy

The date last Thursday went alright. He’s been more on the asking side, I’ve found a number of similarities with G. Definitely a G.2. 

Unlike the first time, not only do I see his moves, but also what he’s trying to accomplish. Also see through all his BS.

All in all, he’s a good distraction, fun and smart, no more. He asked me out again. And since he’s a good kisser, I’m going. Also bought me a coffee today, called first and asked me about my preference too.

We agreed to go for a drink on Thursday. JM said that Thursday worked for him too, but a. if I wait for the guy, I’ll die without much action and b. I can squeeze both in one evening. I’m a master planner! 

Booty duty :)

What do you call sexting turn real? Like in – sneak out of your own house after midnight, drive to the guy’s place, pick him up from the porch (since he too had to sneak out), go to the nearby pumping station and have some fun in the back of your minivan?

PS He said he loved me. I said I loved him too.

PPS The foggy windows reminded me of a certain scene in the Titanic, lol!

JM is kinda back…

I am both thrilled and scared. My silly side feels joyful – it’s jumping up and down and celebrates. Lil princess got her way (or so she believes) and is triumphant.

The logical side is sceptical and frightened. It’s scared of the prospect of yet again getting stuck in the dicksands all over again. I just started shaking off the rekindled addiction and this sounds too much like getting back to square one.

I am not much of a believer in second chances to begin with. I am weak in this, I am scared to lose the shaky inner balance I have almost achieved and stumble through the same minefield again.

Mark Clooney again

I saw him another day without the shower cap. Gorgeous! Just inappropriately gorgeous! A guy shouldn’t look like that, it’s ungodly! I on the other hand was wearing the silly gear – cap and the frigging safety shoes too. Darn it!

Today I was supposed to go for a meeting in my boss’s stead. Although chances of Mark being there were slim, I still dressed up. Luck was on my side, not only was he there, but took a place next to me and at some point leaned over to comment on something on the board – I could barely breathe, let alone make sense of whatever he was saying. Telling you, this guy has a way of shutting my brain down entirely. So hot!