Shades of truth/lies

This new guy I’ve been talking to lately asked me head-on if I were single. An absolutely honest answer to it would be “I’m not sure” or “It’s complicated”. But it sounds weird and well, complicated.

So I went with: “I broke up with the guy I was seeing few weeks ago” – which is, too, an absolutely honest answer. Except for it doesn’t cover the present situation. I think I am getting better at this!


4 thoughts on “Shades of truth/lies

  1. There are no shades of truths, only of lies. And even white lies, or in this case, lies of omission, are still lies. We all lie: sometimes to protect others, sometimes to get out of trouble, sometimes to get what we want. In the end, maybe you need to ask yourself that if it starts with a lie, to him and to yourself, if it’s really worth starting at all.
    Been there, done that.


    1. In this situation the absolute truth would be: he’s my second favourite choice at the moment, if the first one doesn’t work out, I’ll try this one. Would you rather hear this or lies of omission?


  2. You could say, “I have just starting seeing someone and want to see where this goes” and then he can decide if he wants to wait or not. Or you could lie. My point was that starting with a lie is a slippery slope.


    1. Only if you feel like lies take you to slippery places. It’s all in your head, really. Lies by omissions are great in the way they’re bullet proof – I’ve never thought of them, but one cannot call me on them – that’s why one of my favourite series, Babylon Five, had this line – “half truth is worse than a lie”. Only I don’t look at things from bad/good moral viewpoint anymore. My ultimate test is: What’s in it for me?


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