It’s bitter. It hurts. It tastes like ashes. But it shows you how strong you are. How you can resurrect from any blow and move on. My name means resurrection in Greek. How very suitable. When someone, anyone disapproves of you, it’s only their opinion, no more. You’re still you.


New level of sex

Mmmm. I got to a new level of pleasure. Once the anxiety is gone out of the way, you get to enjoy things to their fullest. Another discovery was that as much as the partner matters, you matter even more. Not only happiness is internal job, so is the ability to enjoy things. Quite fascinating!

Shades of truth/lies

This new guy I’ve been talking to lately asked me head-on if I were single. An absolutely honest answer to it would be “I’m not sure” or “It’s complicated”. But it sounds weird and well, complicated.

So I went with: “I broke up with the guy I was seeing few weeks ago” – which is, too, an absolutely honest answer. Except for it doesn’t cover the present situation. I think I am getting better at this!