I’m truly trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, believing that you were indeed crazy busy with the presentation in the last few days.

So much so that you wouldn’t message me at all, and only answer to my ping once.

But by now I’m not men dumb anymore, and I think that most likely, you are about to break up with me yet again. 

I get it, I was too quick to take you back in, I was weak, wanting to believe in a frickin fairytale. But as we know, those never happen in real life.

Washington was fun. I won’t regret going with you, no matter how things turn out.

If you show up tomorrow, tell me you missed me, ask me out, this post will be evidence of me overreacting yet again.

But if you don’t, I will learn this lesson and hopefully get yet another bit wiser. “You live, you learn”.

Either way, I wish you all the best, hopefully you find happiness and the right person for you. 

PS I love you.


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