A hard good-bye

I’ve been messaging with this smart, intelligent, good looking, funny guy for the last three weeks or so. He seemed to be genuinely interested in me as well. Today I sent him a goodbye message. Took me some courage to do so. 

Not because it would hurt him, I’m sure it didn’t, after all, we only messaged. 

I made a conscious decision to try dating JD without any backup plans this time. No matter how illusory. Feeling like a backup may be needed is a bad symptom. Sign of insecurity. Sign of inability to trust someone entirely. In short, it’s a way into destabilising the whole thing without even realising that you’re doing it.

I’m not saying this was The Reason for the breakup, rather one of the symptoms that the way I approached our relationship wasn’t that healthy. I’m not trying to take blame for what happened before either, just attempting to improve chances of success this time around.


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