I think I’m onto something…

Soooo last Friday my smoking buddy asked me out for a coffee (which I said a maybe to), JM keeps messaging me more than usual and JD guy asked me if I wanted to go meet his sister next Friday. Also invited me over to his place last night where he was partying with that same sister and her family. I had to bail on that one. Although it’s a long weekend, I have kids and sleep depriving myself under these conditions is unwise.

The Mr Clooney was totally oggling me on Friday too. My bisexual buddy messaged me after two months of total silence.

I think I’ve started emanating attraction vibes again. After 1.5 years of not having them. You know what it takes? Confidence. I am pretty fine on my own. I don’t crave attention or approval anymore. I managed to achieve a lot over the last three years, both in my career as well as in my personal life. I became a better, more balanced and self-sufficient person, a decent mom and a better friend. I take good care of myself. 

Most importantly in this context, I’ve been able to tear down the relationship idealisation. Having a relationship for its own sake has no value at all. I never cared about social status that comes with it, I stopped fearing for my financial stability, as for the rest, I can get those things without having a relationship. So bring on the fun! 😏


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