A date with a nobody

I went on another first date last night. Compared to the guy the previous Sunday this was an improvement. But it’s still a far cry from a decent guy I want.

This guy and I go back few months, to Andrew period – we messaged some on dating site, then started texting. He sounded dead boring, so I wasn’t that enthusiastic in messages either and hardly noticed when the conversation stopped.

I removed his contact among others from my phone book after the Andrew story was over. So two months after he reappeared, just messaged me as if there was no pause. I replied – since I was on the scene again. We’ve messaged back and forth for two weeks, where he would be initiating conversations all the time – few times a day. They were quite boring, but I still kept them going – hoping that maybe the guy is just bad at messaging – you never know, right?

At some point last week he suggested we’d go out for beers. I accepted. We agreed on Sunday night. We went to this mid-range restaurant, I arrived just before him. First impression was mixed – he was definitely way less good looking than in his profile picture – had this worn air about him – and was quite short too. But I didn’t feel repulsed, so that’s a decent start.

It went downhill from there – the guy is totally boring. He doesn’t live, he exists. He has no hobbies, no passions, he doesn’t do any sports, he doesn’t love his daughter, just tolerates her. All he does is work, travel to work long-distance (1.5 hours a day one way) and occasionally goes out for a drink or dinner. He isn’t passionate about his work either. Took me good forty minutes to get him start talking in sentences that were longer than few words – and that was rather for the sake of seeing if I could. It’s a perfect example of nobody. I guess it shows the other end of range indifference-average-passion. A warning sign – go too far in curbing your passions – and this is what you end up being.

I was curious what may had brought him on the dating scene at all – I mean, why bother looking for a girlfriend? And what can he possibly offer to get one? Very depressing. To the point of disturbing.

Bad thing about it – the date didn’t help my goal of making the image of JM shrink in my head (although I think I have done a decent job of getting there by myself).

Good thing – yet another example of why I’d rather be single than with anyone.


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