Me again! Back in the saddle

I abandoned this blog for some time. The reason – I was off dating scene lately. I guess I must have been hit by the Andrew story more than I realised. That and the fact that JM was kind of showing signs of more activity lately lead me to believe that a break in dating was a good idea.

I don’t think so anymore – I missed the thrill of it – yes, it’s not just fun, there are downsides to it as well – disappointments streak the thing like anything else in life, but it doesn’t mean I should be shutting it down entirely. I shot myself in the foot by doing so – my energy levels went down, I started imagining things – like seeing signs of rekindling interest in JM – where there were none.

I am back in the business – after some hesitation I have reactivated my Match account this morning. Since Eharmony was a disappointment – no matches in my area, and PoF and OKCupid are full of rednecks – I decided I’ll check out Match again – I seem to have had most success on it in the past. Guess who showed up in my search today? S.! The first S., that’s right. I found it funny and somehow satisfying.

Wish me happy fishing and stay tuned.


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