Another ouch and silly stuff

I decided to start blogging about guys in a cheap romance novels style going forward.

Andrew (also known as the express ex boyfriend – I think I set my new personal record – a breakup after not even a month and four dates) – all she had left of him was the smell of his arousing aftershave on the collar of her winter coat. She would bury her face in delicious garment and her eyes would swell with tears of hurt and disappointment over and over again.

Mark – her chest was swelling with excitement from the upcoming meeting – there was a chance that He may be there! Her luck was running high that morning. Mark was so handsome that he looked hot even in the silly hairnet they were supposed to wear on the production floor. After some hesitation, she took the chair next to him. A wave of excitement shot through her whenever she dared to steal yet another peek at him. At some point he turned her way, leaned over the table and she could feel his hot breathing on her hand. For the rest of the day the moment would make her blush every time she went back to it in her mind.



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