Andrew – date #4 – No Nonsense continued

We got together again – after a two weeks’ break. Seems like G. had the best suited schedule for dating – I saw him more often than any other guy so far – who would have known! Lol.

We went out for drinks, got together at 8:30, met up at a restaurant I used to frequent in my second wave of dating effort. The ease and no BS feel is still there – I think they call it get along well, lol. I actually had a very stressful week – so I took time yesterday to write down and memorise stories from the past two weeks I wanted to share  – call it crazy, but when I’m tired, I need this kind of crap, or else I’ll just sit there staring into the distance.

Two hours and two beers later he walked me to my van, said that we should probably get together early next week – what with the Christmas and all it would be a longer break again after that. We agreed on Monday. Then I suggested we just kept the ball rolling that same night – adding that I’d invite him to my place, but my mom was there – so his place it was he concluded. It was quite a ride, we had a heavy snowfall last night.

By the time we got to his place, it was half past 11, and I regretted my own suggestion – as I felt the stress of the week crush on me, he also said he was getting tired when we were leaving the restaurant. So I apoligised for my crazy idea first thing we got into his place. I said I should probably tuck him in and get going home. He dismissed it saying that had he not wanted to continue the night, he’d just had had said so.

We stayed up until way past midnight. Since last time he asked if I were sure I had to go, it was me who asked if he didn’t mind if I stayed. I really hated the idea of driving in the snow at that hour. He didn’t. The night went odd – I woke up in the middle of it, couldn’t fall back asleep for some time, woke up again just after six – my regular time to get up, then at seven – was just lying there for an hour, enjoying just being there and then. Fell asleep again – this time until nine, we woke up together, took turns showering, had a nice chat over coffee and I got on my way just before 11. He confirmed again that we are getting together on Monday.

I like the guy. A lot. But it’s not the obsession I had for the previous guys. It’s rather a calm and tamed campfire as opposed to the wildfire. It’s warm, fuzzy and makes me feel whole, but I don’t feel as if there is a limb missing everytime we part our ways. Should it so happen that for whatever reason he decides he doesn’t want to see me anymore, I don’t think I’ll be devastated. Sad and upset for sure. But it won’t be the end of the world level of drama. The way he is totally cool with me staying at his place, always scheduling next dates during the previous ones, as well as other signals I get from him make me feel confident, there is no need to generate some BS illusions rationalising some missing pieces. There are none.


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