Taming your monster

I think I found a recipy for not falling into yet another addiction. It’s both simple and not.

Addiction is a monster, really, or rather a siren, who tries to gain all your attention and with it all your time and energy, promising excitement, fun and happiness, a state of hakuna matata in return.

Enjoying something is a good thing. A healthy and energising one. Making it the only fun thing in your life, obsessing over it is not.

The recipy to prevent anything from turning into a monster is – not letting any one pleasure to become The One – no matter what it is – switching the pleasures, learning to enjoy things that were stressful before – if you can’t change the circumstances,. change the attitude – it works, trust me, I am doing it over and over again – takes some practice and willpower, but it does!

Second piece of the equasion is to channel energy from sources of pleasures into things that aren’t that great at the moment and therefore require some willpower applied to do them. Like today – when I got asked out for yet another date – instead of starting to daydream and constantly thinking about the guy – I just went on to extend my exercising program, worked on some other stuff I planned as ‘probable’ for tonight. It’s not as fun, but I used the excitement to get them done. Not to grow the importance of the guy in my mind.


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