Work crush continued

Saw my work crush aka Mark in a meeting this morning. In the meeting I wrote about three weeks ago I thought I was imagining things – but today I am certain – he IS flirting with me! The meeting was in a board room with a round table in the middle and more chairs at the walls. He was a the table, I was at the wall nearby. He sooo totally turned to the wall and glanced over to me few times when nothing was causing him to do so! Also winked at me when I was leaving the room. Ha! Silly stuff improves my moods for the day!

Also noticed another younger guy checking me out (same story – him at the table, turning towards me for no reason – caught him looking by accident, he’s not hot and married – a go away recipe right there).

It’s funny how I still feel surprised when I notice guys check me out – even two years into working out and putting effort into looking attractive.


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