Now to the hot stuff – date #3 with the second candidate

I was just thinking of how I should assign a name to this guy – like I usually do – using first letter of their name for the purpose as a rule of thumb.

And then something stirred inside – the huge work crush in 2014 – the one that I started this blog with – the only one I actually gave a made-up name to – Andrew. (The reason I named him that was simple – it’s my favourite male name – I wanted to call my son Andrew, but my ex was against it). So anyhow – guess what this guy’s real name is? Some things in life are weird (not ‘reading the signs’, mind you, just feeling amazed).

So I will call him by his real name. No 2 at the end either – the first guy wasn’t a real Andrew after all.

Yesterday I went on a perfect date. I am surprised something as amazing actually happened to me this year – the year of screw ups all the way. I guess the tide must be changing, just like I thought and hoped it was.

We went for a run together – I suggested it, he came up with the place. He sent me a link to coordinates in Google Maps. Somewhere outside of the town between us. 40 minutes later I was driving to the meeting point thinking to myself that I must have entirely lost my self-preservation instinct- going for a third date to some deserted location at the dawn too. When it turned out to be a forest, I went – yup, crazy I am, lol. But to be serious, this guy emanates feel of reliability and trustworthiness. I cannot explain it, it’s a gut feeling.

So we did the 3.3 miles run, got back to our cars, he asked me if I had other plans for the evening or if I wanted to do something else. Something else it was. We said movies. I changed in the car, he said he didn’t think of bringing clothes to change and asked me if I minded driving to his place first so that he could change. Trying not to reveal the jaw dropping effect the question had on me, I said I didn’t mind.

I followed him in my car to his place, waited in the living room for him to change (nice place btw), and off we went to the movies (he suggested we went in his car) with a 1.5 hours stopover for appetizers at a local restaurant. The movie was a good one too – not at all what one would expect from the trailer, but still very good.

When we got back, he asked me if I wanted to come in for some time or go straight home. I was very thirsty and didn’t feel like leaving just yet, so I said the latter. Fifteen minutes later I finished my glass of water, it was past ten by then, so I said I’d get going, we kissed on the doorstep, and after some fiddling with my GPS off I went. I didn’t go far though. I felt so reluctant to go home, I asked myself why exactly I left? To keep the appearances? Of what?! It felt silly and wrong.

So I stopped the car before I left his neighborhood and texted him asking if he had coffee. He said he did adding that I was welcome to get some if I wanted to. I turned around and went back to his place. This time to actually stay until 1 am – coffee takes sooooo long to drink! Especially when you have two cups. And some action (AWESOME action, mind you) in-between the two cups.

It’s actually odd, how I never feel any strain or fakeness when Andrew and I get together. Like no awkwardness that is a common occurrence at early stages of dating, no need to pretend to be someone I am not. I am just being myself, and enjoy his company a lot. It feels simple. And it feels right. At the very same time I don’t overthink – I don’t fret about things like – so, what’s next? Will he ask me out again? And then what? And then?!… Should he decide it’s not something he wants or needs, I’ll move on, he’s not the biggest treasure on Earth, just a guy I feel good about. The problem with JM was indeed that I was having bad experience after bad experience, so by the time he showed up, I decided he was a rare commodity, whereas he was just a decent guy, no more, no less.


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