Dating updates – a surprise one too

Last Wednesday I decided to ping the candidate #1 – only because he was at the top of my list. He apologized for disappearing on me claiming the extreme business card (read: not really interested card) – and we’ve been messaging daily again. Last Sunday he asked me about my plans for the week and suggested that we should meet for a coffee or something. I said it’d be nice – and that was the extent of it – still waiting for something concrete from the dude. But he’s so great at putting a smile on my face, a smart guy too.

Now there’s more development with the candidate #2 who I guess is by now the official #1. It’s funny. I mean, I guess that’s how things are supposed to develop – where there’s not much BS, but a certain level of mutual attraction – I was surprised to feel a sudden onset of attraction though. It pretty much developed without me realizing it was brewing. Odd!

We went out for dinner last night – Monday was pretty much the only evening this week that we both had available – although I said I could do Friday, just had to overtime first, he sort of jumped on the Monday idea instead. I went sure, making two schedules work seems a challenge, can’t be that picky, really.

It may be my impression, but he doesn’t seem to be that experienced in dating – some small things – like a comment on his height on his profile of “not a giant” or something, as well as some other comments that he makes during the dates make me feel some awkwardness and uncertainty about it from him – I don’t think it’s acting either – feels pretty genuine, just like JM’s did. So he is not suspiciously smooth or has any of sweet talking in him either. No alerts go off in my head.

At the same time the guy knows how to keep a conversation going, is a good listener, has a great sense of humour and is a good story teller too – which doesn’t happen that often. Also a smart cookie.

This time we met up in his area, which oddly enough is next door to the place where I used to work and where G. still works. I had an onset of nostalgia – the plaza where the restaurant was holds few memories from the year I spent at that place – including the Keg where G. and I went for our first date (and another one later on) – but it was a brief onset, I am trying not to feel sentimental about places – as I am pretty much running out of those that don’t associate with this or that date in my mind. Small towns! 🙂

After a two hours dinner at a sushi place where I suggested we split the bill and he turned it down, he asked if I felt like doing something else or calling it a night. Adding he’d be fine with either. I suggested we went for drinks, my treat. We walked to that same Keg and spent another 1.5 hours together. The weather was quite nasty when we were leaving, it was raining pretty heavily. He walked me to my van, just before we got there, he turned around and kissed me. That took me by surprise. A quite pleasant surprise, I’ll admit. The guy’s a very good kisser. So when he later on messaged me saying I should start checking my schedule as he was looking forward to seeing me again, I did a happy dance. In my head. 🙂

Still hoping that the #1 dude will finally make up his mind and will schedule a date soon.


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