Bingo! A new fancying object

There has to be a fancying object in the workplace! It’s an absolute must! Makes going in to work so much more interesting!

I found myself one at this place – it’s been nearly a year since I have started here too! The guy, let’s call him Mark (I love the name – and his name is as gorgeous), works on the shop floor (unlike myself – I’m at the office). That’s good – if the object is too close, it makes it hard to concentrate on work.

Mark is totally gorgeous – he is George Clooney type, only with green eyes and absolutely amazing voice. (Although I personally don’t usually like Clooney types, just describing the guy). Every lady in the office blushes when he comes in and starts flirting. It’s actually funny to watch. I saw him around before, but never paid attention – I mean, I heard the voice and my eyes were open, but I guess I was preoccupied with my dating drama.

He is smart too. And funny. And married. There’s always this major fuckup as it seems – whenever it comes to gorgeous guys. Oh well, my rules still allow for oggling and flirting when it comes to married guys.

Mark and I are in this new training series together – so we got to sit next to each other for an hour today, unfortunately, he was further from the screen than I, so I didn’t get to oggle him long enough. But He was leaning on the back of the chair next to mine, so at least I got a close view every time I dared to turn.


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