JM is back. Sort of.

The guy and I said we would try to be friends after the official breakup a month ago or so. We’ve messaged on and off for the first two weeks, where he was trying so hard to boost my spirits by saying things that in a nutshell meant: ‘You’re not good enough for me, but I am sure there are many guys who’ll be lucky to have you’. It’s not how he put it, but all these comments on how guys must be lining up to get a chance with me were exactly how I interpreted them.

So I almost told him that this friendship thing didn’t seem to work for me. But then I doubted some, for whatever pitiful reason I may have had in mind. Last weekend was last time we’ve messaged – at my initiative too (first time I initiated a chat). And there was no more communication since.

Until last night – he messaged me a high five smiley followed by a ‘hi stranger…’. And this pissed me off big time. He’d dumped me. Then he makes a half-hearted attempt at being my friend. And now it’s me who’s a stranger? I don’t think I need his presence in my life anymore.

Unless he changes his mind about dating me. I would consider that. Otherwise I’ll ignore him entirely. Even if like last time around he gets all pissed and upset about me not replying. He was the one who pulled the plug, not me. I am not lulling his conscience telling him I am going to be fine every time he feels like checking in, he’s on his own in this from now on. I don’t need this extra hurt in my life at the moment. Or ever.


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