Wants VS Needs

I just realised that there is a universal equation of how to overcome and get rid of any addiction, any bad habit:

I don’t need it
It’s bad for me
I don’t really want it anymore!

It’s simple and it works. All bad habits start from our wants. We don’t consider the costs (or prefer no downgrade them, make them look smaller), we only see the benefits. It’s same old tunnel vision. But answer yourself – is this really what you need? Is it good for you? If the answer to either or both is a no, then the want part will be easier to get rid of.

It happened to my smoking. It’s happening to my drinking. I am under a HUGE stress right now – by all rules, I should be drinking more, not less. But the opposite is happening. I am barely drinking at all. And I didn’t even have to do any self-work to get there. I just quit without noticing it! Whoa! Human mind keeps fascinating me!


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