Freezing this Blog

My current situation is such that dating is the least of my worries. It’s a non-existent problem in my cloudy sky.

I had doubted for some time – whether I want to put this whole story online or not at all. I became paranoid – at first, because of the psychotic break and then – well, because of the chain of events that followed.

I thought of recycling this blog. But then I decided not to. I want to have two separate blogs – one for my crazy dating side and another one for my crazy situation and how it develops.

That way I can control who I share either with. I am not sure I want my children to ever see this blog. But I am sure as hell that I want them to read the story of what I had been through once they are big enough.

So if you want a link to the other blog, and I have not sent it to you in an email or otherwise already, ping me – by any means of contact you may have with me – including a comment to this post.


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