Another day, another great date

JM and I met in a small town that is located at a beautiful river with what used to be a quarry, and currently is a place for swimming. There’s also a nice trail that runs in the forest at the top of the cliff overlooking the river below. (Actually, I have visited it few times before, once with S., but I am not superstitious).

First we went for a walk on the trail – and I was right in my suspicions that the guy is totally uncomfortable with showing affection in public – the best I got so far was a quick hug when we meet and holding hands. The moment we are alone though things get more interesting, so I don’t mind and I actually find it cute and even sexy. He seems to be protective about his private life. So are many people. I am not saying I’d be going far in public, but I am definitely less shy – I couldn’t care less what the others will think if anything at all.

Standing in the sun at a small precipice in the forest overlooking the river far below with his arms around me was probably the moment of the whole afternoon. One of those to add to my collection of amazing memories.

After the walk we went in town and I told him I didn’t want to make calls on where to eat anymore, I couldn’t bear the responsibility of poisoning him again. So ironically he picked the same place we’ve gone to with S. Although it’s not surprising, I guess it’s the only place with a patio in town, so no wonder or symbolic/ominous coincidences. We had a nice chat during lunch, I was able to impress him with my knowledge of how planes operate (this one has some random crap stored in her attic for sure, you never know which one you’ll need next). There were also stretches of silence in-between, and for a change I felt comfortable in them too.

His original plan was to stay until after seven had to be changed again – his son messaged him that he was coming over for dinner at six, so we only had about an hour left after lunch (he knew about the change before we met, but decided to tell me in person which is the right way to go). So instead of going for a long walk and tubing in the nearby provincial park, we went for a walk in this tiny park in town, had a makeout session on a secluded trail (man, does this guy know how to turn me on!), watched teenagers jump off the bridge after that (did I want to do the same to cool off!).

During the walk I mentioned a fire that took lives of two firefighters in his town few years ago asking if he was with the service at the time. Turned out he was, moreover, had it not been for a conference call at work he didn’t want to interrupt by leaving, he’d be driving in the truck with this friend of his who died in the fire, he would be the second person to die in there. I’m glad he said it and not me – that I feel happy he didn’t end up on that truck.

My car was parked nearby, so we went for a ride to find a less public spot to park and had some fun in the van again, this time in the back 😀 The soundtrack was very suiting as he pointed out (I was too preoccupied to notice, lol) – All you need is love. 🙂

I took him to his car shortly after and gathering all courage I had told him I really liked him a lot. I could tell by his look he was excited to hear it, but he said nothing. Which made me feel falling for few minutes, but I realised that this was just a shadow of a situation with G. whereas the present situation is a totally different scenario, I shouldn’t measure it against the past unless I want to repeat it. Later last night he said the date was wonderful and that I was so special to him. As means of positive reinforcement I sent him a selfie where I took my openness to the last level I guess. 🙂


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