Awwwww – an impromptu dinner

JM came over to my place for a visit last night! It was a totally spontaneous thing too! I messaged him when I was leaving the office complaining how I just survived a day from hell and yet another was coming. I also told him the day before that the kids were sleeping over at ex’s.

He messaged back asking what happened and telling me he was planning a visit to the mall in town to buy shoes. Asked me what my plans for the evening were.

By this time I can tell when he is trying to ask me out – and that was one of those. So I said I didn’t have much planned, would probably watch a movie or I could join him at the mall. He replied the mall visit was going to be a short one, but that he could pop over for a bit afterwards. That’s where I went: Whoa! Whaaaaaaaat?!! So I had to double-check if I understood him right – pop in like in come to my place? He said yes as long as it was OK with me. Sure, I said, it’d be awesome. While making a few feet long list of things that I had to take care about before he came.

I’ve never cleaned my house this fast before. Requires some extra energy too. Thankfully mom was about to start cooking dinner, so that one was covered. He said he’d message me when he was leaving the mall heading to my place, but he forgot – my mom opened the door and I ended up rushing into the hallway wearing rubber gloves with a Lysol napkin in my hands 😀 But I was all dressed up and ready by that time, was just touching up some random spots in the house.

We had a dinner together with my mom joining us some time later, went for a walk and spent some um quality time in my bedroom, had tea afterwards and he went home. That was awesome, I still cannot believe it happened. Zero motivation to work too, and it’s one of the busiest days in a month for me. Ugh!



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