Best birthday ever!

JM and I got together in the evening, went for a stroll in a park in downtown of the town I live in. (After we found parking spots and each other once we had parked). Turned out he forgot to bring the brandy bottle I bought him another day, so we drove to a liquor store, went back into downtown and went for dinner.

The dinner didn’t go as planned at all – we tried a pub that had good reviews first – but it was closed yesterday. We went to a really nice Japanese place after that – and the lineup scared me away (he didn’t care either way). So we ended up going into a place that presented itself as Italian I guess, but was ran by people from ex-Yugoslavia. The food wasn’t bad, but as we learned later on, it actually was.

We drove to the hotel after dinner, I parked in the street saving $12, checked in quickly and went to our room. It was around nine when we got there. We were having sex, chatting and drinking brandy until after midnight. Best sex ever! S. is now in the second place with an abyss in-between.

For a certain reason I decided to ask him if we were exclusive – I haven’t heard an answer as fast and as positive in some time. He thought we already agreed on that, he added. I replied that I was the one who stated she wasn’t a multiple dater, had to ask if it was mutual. He then said, he hadn’t told his kids yet. I went WHAAAT? in my mind, saying that I totally got that and how there was no rush for it at all. I also suggested my place as a budget version for our dates, as long as he didn’t mind my mom being around – it was nothing like meeting the parents’ situation I added and my mom was in no way nosy or whatnot, just put it out there for him to think about. He said he’d do that. The guy’s awesome!

We went to sleep after midnight, I’d wake up at times to just stare at the guy, honestly, I am a goner, but at the same time it’s still a contained, leashed feeling, not a crazy stream. When I woke up at four, he was awake, asked me if I was awake too, and then said that the shrimp he ate was indeed bad as he suspected earlier last night. So he’d better hit the road at that point. We packed and left just before five am. I got home fifteen minutes later and had to break into my own place as my mom locked the front door. I had more luck with the backdoor as soon as I figured out a way to get over the fence. 🙂


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