Another relationship observation

Like I mentioned before, I used to have huge issues with complimenting and praising guys. People in general actually, but guys especially. I’m not sure, but this may be stemming in the way they raised and educated us back in my home country – you didn’t get praised just because, praise had to be deserved.

I couldn’t just say “I think you’re amazing!” – first of all, for that first reason, and secondly, fearing they’d think I was lying!

This is also why I was getting suspicious every time a guy would compliment or praise me, there HAD to be hidden motives behind it, one doesn’t just simply compliment others for no reason!

The big downside of it (except for the unnecessary level of suspiciousness towards others) was that I would be bursting with admiration for someone on the inside while appearing cool and even uninterested on the outside! It’s a surefire zip line into failure and illusions too. Duh!

Now I’ve gotten way better at that. It’s actually fun and it prevents the bursting effect – when I don’t have all that admiration bottled up, it doesn’t fill up my mind, lets me do my own things and keep calm and cool while I am not in touch with the guy. Awesome!


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