Things are well with JM

We went for another date last night, the one where he was making up for last Wednesday. (He asked me out, said he’d be passing my town on his way from the city to his town and ended up getting stuck in the city until nine pm. There was a big issue there – he said he’d message me when he was leaving the city to agree on time and place to meet. So he didn’t message until 9 pm. As much as I am calmer and cooler these days, I was pretty pissed and worried by then. And somewhat drunk to handle those two. So in a calm manner and as peacefully as I could get, using I-messages I told him how that was not cool. He tried to play stupid at first (guys and how they never want to apologise), but I dismissed that in a blink of an eye – so he apologised and said if something like that happened again, he’d be in touch and not leave me hanging in a limbo for the whole evening. I also spelled it out that I wasn’t mad at how we didn’t get to get together – it’s a bummer, but oh well – but at how he didn’t send me an update when he realised he wouldn’t be able to make it.)

So yesterday I went to a girlfriend’s place to help her paint her new place (joining a party of six adults and five kids), and after that we got together at a mall. The night before he asked me if I wanted to just hang around or do lunch/dinner. I said hanging around sounded good to me. Then I came up with this plan – we’ve talked about going lingerie shopping together some day. We also discussed going to see the movie I watched with my girlfriend the previous weekend. So I decided to do both. Lingerie shopping wasn’t that exciting, really, I felt quite awkward, although I wouldn’t let it on, not because of his presence, but I haven’t shopped in a real lingerie store forever. We made a short stop at one last year in Italy with my girlfriend, but it didn’t look as well lingerie-ish I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ But at least I got what I was looking for – some lacy sexy stuff. My current stocks were very limited (the ex bought me two sets on some occasions, then I had the set from Italy, but that’s about it!)

He liked the movie, we went to a restaurant to have a dinner together. The poor man clearly had no life in a while – hasn’t been to movies in a year or so, hasn’t been to the restaurant we went to, although the mall we went to is actually his clothing shopping place! Ugh, I quoted Bad Moms we just watched to him – I felt his sadness all over me! Adding we were about to get him a life! ๐Ÿ™‚

After the dinner it was he who initiated the fun in the car – first walking straight to my car (although his was just maybe 100 metres away), and then getting all over me. Lol. I guess he finally got used to the arrangement and even started to like it. God bless the inventors of minivans – where there are tinted windows in the back, as well as the backs of the backseats can be adjusted too. It also helped that the kids’ carseats were removed – I helped my girlfriend with moving some of her stuff to her new place. Same as before! I’m not much of believer in destiny, but it happens again for the second time and you go Hmmm. Interesting!

I actually asked him if he had to go home last night, he said yes, cancelling the other idea of mine – I thought of getting a room at a hotel and having real go at fun, not confined by the car.

But we just agreed that we’d do the hotel thing this coming Thursday, which happens to be my birthday. It’s going to be an amazing birthday, unless he ditches me – then it’ll become a tradition for me – as G. ditched me on my last birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚


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