Interestingly enough…

I posted this request to the Universe around the same time that JM reached out to me for the first time. And he actually perfectly matches everything on the list too. Interesting!

Short update on the date yesterday: we met in the most romantic town in our area (which is G’s and Dutch Buddy’s hometown too, small world!), spent over five hours together, walking alongside the river, making out in a summerhouse in a beautiful garden, having beers at a patio, chatting all the way.

Well, no chatting when we were making out in his car, we were too busy for talking. 😀

He’s a mix of shyness and adventurer with a good sense of humour, and the combination turns me on big time. He’s also a kind and good-natured person, which is awesome if you ask me.

Like I mentioned in my post last night, I feel more stable around him than I felt in the two previous dating cases. I feel warmth and excitement in response to his own. I certainly feel my own too, but it’s only a part of it, not all consuming obsession.

Funny stuff – officially he was giving me a ride to my car when we were about to call it a day. After the make out session I thanked him for the ride. Anytime, he replied.

We were discussing the Tuesday date, I said I had no idea what’s gotten into me. Me, he said. 😀


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