Yet another update, a naughty one

So the ever messaging JM guy who never suggests getting together again was back on air this evening. With messaging. Yeah, penpal number whatever. Apoligised for not messaging for a few days – kids and ex issues. Whateva. I don’t care about excuses anymore.

At some point he complained he wasn’t sure what to do – either go to sleep or just hang around as he didn’t feel like sleeping. Dull, I know. So I suggested he should have a beer. I said it was my solution in many cases and that I’d have one myself if I had some at home.

He said he had beer alright and sent me a picture of it. We’ve also been discussing national animals, the beaver was mentioned and that’s how I learned the animal had a different urban meaning. Who would have known that Canadian national animal was vagina!

Anyhow, I got so mad at him trying to tease me with a beer pic, I decided to go on a full-blown path of revenge- and sent him a recent selfie of myself – I have never made any half-naked selfies before (I am covering my boobs in it with my arm though). Or sent them to anyone (but two girlfriends, to compare fitness achievements and yes, to brag a bit). Guess what? All of a sudden the guy wants to know when I am leaving for vacation and tells me he definitely wants to see me before I went. Must be my bright personality showing in the picture! 😀

I let this one slide – he’ll have to be more persistent in asking me out after a month of negligence. He also got assigned number 2 on my list recently. Too bad so sad. >:)

PS I wonder if this post gets reposted by that shallowthinking blogger.


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