My dating update – a new lead

Like I said in my last post, I am back on dating scene. I’ve also mentioned this guy from Match who was an interesting conversation partner. So we went out on a first date for a breakfast last Thursday. That’s right, a breakfast on a workday. I thought it was odd but original. Also provided for a perfect excuse to leave soon if things went wrong – work!

It did go well however, I turned into the chatterbox again, but he didn’t mind, and I’ve also made up for it on the date two last night. It actually went so well he sent me flowers to the office on the same day. Which was a very nice gesture, they were no red roses so our advisory board at work issued a resolution that it wasn’t weird.

He asked me out again yesterday (i.e. Sunday) shortly after. Said he liked surprises, so wouldn’t tell me what we were doing or where we were going except for that it’d involve lots of walking and that I therefore should wear comfortable footwear.

At the working out details stage we had a somewhat rough patch. He asked me where he should pick me up at three. In my mind I went, whoa, I am not going to an undisclosed place with a guy I’ve only met in once in his vehicle. To him I just said I was driving myself and if he didn’t want to spoil the surprise, he could give me GPS coordinates and I’d promise not to google what the place was.

At first he sounded perplexed, but I explained it just the way I felt – dating safety 101. He replied he was totally cool with that and that I could stay in my boundaries as long as I felt was needed and it was his job to prove he was trustworthy.

So we met in the town that is next to mine, went for an amazing walk along the riverside in downtown, then backtracked on the opposite bank to where his car was parked. We had an improvised picnic sitting on the back of his trunk, with snacks, berries and wine in thermoses. Chatting all the time.

After that we went for a really long walk on a trail that actually took us to my neighborhood (well, almost). We kissed on a pedestrian bridge over a highway and took a taxi back to where my car was. He wanted to keep going by taxi to his car (it was parked in a different location), but I said I’d drive him.

Overall we’ve spent five hours together and the time went by fast. I think I like him, he has this spirit of being honest and sincere and at the same time has a good sense of humour. He is also caring in small things, like he’d take my purse that I insisted I would bring along (no idea why), or he gave me a bottle of water when I was about to leave saying I’d probably need one.

I’m not going fall into the big fluffy illusion though. The one flag that is there is him being currently unemployed. It’s not a biggy at this stage, his team was working remotely for a company in California and they were all laid off few months back. He’s been getting his things in order in the meantime, just started an active job search a month ago. I am not going to walk away from someone this nice just because they’re having a career difficulty. As long as it’s a temporary and not a structural one, that is. Time will show. He said he is currently looking for a job that he’ll like, if he doesn’t find anything like that by October or November, he’ll look for anything then. Which sounds like he has it all planned out to me. Time will only show.

PS. His name starts with a G too, but it’s not the same as the other G’s, so calling him G2 won’t be fair. He’s a big softball fan – so much so that he also umpires professional games (as well as plays it in a non-competitive league). But now that I think of my original idea of coming up with a nickname somehow related to the fact, I find it silly. His last name starts with G as well. So GG it is 😀


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