Keep on dancing

I am back on the dating scene. So far it’s been a bumpy road, but what the hell – the can’t make an omelet idea is as true for dating as it is for the rest of life.

I’ve been on a horrible date last Friday – the guy seemed a bit weird and somewhat boring for most of the evening, but he was an interesting conversation partner. So I cut him some slack. When I learned he had no car, no job right now and lived next street from G. though (and kind of hoped I’d give him a lift to his place at half past eleven at night to a town that is 20 minutes away), I backed out of it so fast you could almost hear the tapping of my soles when I ran.

I’ve also been asked to be a lingerie shopping buddy to someone – the guy enjoys wearing lingerie and high heels – not judging, but not exactly my type of dating material either.

There’s another guy who I have strong doubts about – sounds like all he’s looking for is some fun in the sun – he’s asked me out last night, suggesting we’d meet again later that night after he was done playing baseball – which would be after 11 pm. After all, I didn’t have the kids last night, he added. Right, and I am using all my child free nights to get laid by people I’ve never met.

Yet another candidate sounds interesting, but there are certain red flags about him – first of all, there’s quite a distance between us; secondly, he’s currently in a legal dispute with his ex and homeless for now (well, he lives with family), thirdly, his ex has the kids. So although we agreed to meet on Friday night, I am not sure I am going through with it yet.

The last but not least prospect is this guy from Match (the only guy from the site at this point). At first, I thought he was yet another sweet talker – all the romantic crap he tried hitting me with made me feel like I was being sugar coated from heel to toe big time. But then suddenly he turned out to be this smart, witty and funny person, who knows his way with words and we’ve ended up messaging back and forth for the whole evening last night, went on until half past midnight actually, and I had a few good laughs in the process. Also had to google some words he was using – this hasn’t happened to me in a while.


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