My dating news – some more disappointment

I’m not sure I even should be coming up with a nickname for this guy anymore, why bother. Let’s call him JM, that’s the guy I was supposed to get out for a third date this weekend. Never happened.

I left town to go for a show on Saturday, but was back in town by six pm, replied to his message to only hear back from him at nightfall. We’ve messaged some during Sunday, eventually agreeing to get together at around eight. An hour before that he told me his son decided to come over and that he had to cancel. I said I totally understood how kids came first, but still it was too bad I wouldn’t see him that night. He apologized and said how sorry he was and how he was all set and ready for our meeting when he got the news.

I haven’t heard from him this morning yet, and I am definitely not going to initiate any contact with him. If he disappears, so be it. Whether the cancellation reasons were true or just a cover-up for putting me on a backburner, it’s unimportant. I am done being understanding and accommodating – I only look at results now – no date for the second time in a row is pretty much a big fuckup.

I’ve been down the “Maybe it’s not him, maybe it’s the circumstances” path few times by now. There is one big disappointment at the end of it.

“One who wants to do something, will find a way; one who doesn’t will find an excuse.”


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