Back on air

After a break in blogging caused by month end busyness I am back!

In the meantime I went for that second date I wrote about – and this was the last one with this guy. I gave him the benefit of the doubt – i.e. some people may feel quite uncomfortable in the first date setting and thus come across as boring. This guy was as boring on the second one as he was on the first one. I honestly tried to get him talking – to no avail. Oh well.

The second guy, the one I was supposed to go out on a third date on Sunday, cancelled the date – his version was that he was on call for work, got called in and then had to reschedule the fishing trip with his son for the evening. I didn’t sit around guessing whether it was true or if he just put me on a backburner. No more overthinking.

We then continued messaging and he asked me if I would be up to going out for a drink yesterday. My kids were returning home from the ex last night and I don’t think accepting an invitation for the same day is a good idea whatsoever, so we’ve talked rescheduling, currently we are tentatively scheduled for Friday night (depending on whether his kids will come over to his place or not).

Otherwise I am on a break on Match, I realised that this whole mismatching situation started to seriously get on my nerves. It’s a catch 22, where you either end up getting disappointed in the guy you spend some time talking to and then going out with and realising he’s not good for you, or the reversed situation, where he makes that conclusion. I do realise that one cannot make an omelette without breaking the eggs, but I am currently tired of this cycle of disappointments, so I decided to put it on hold.


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