My dating updates

Going out for two dates this weekend – a second and a third date respectively. Different guys, lol.

The third date guy is my favourite so far, he’s funny, cute and smart.

Both of them message me daily, I’ve spent few hours that were way beyond my bedtime last week chatting with the favourite guy. ^_^

Yesterday he asked me if I had any hot dates lined up for the weekend except for the Sunday date. That was the first time he inquired about competition, lol. I made a joke of how my running trail and my computer game were my hot dates and asked if he had any.

The date two guy was too enthusiastic in the beginning, now that I have quit answering every text he sends, I am free of his daily routine updates. Yeah, cuz I care about his lunches so much!

Dutch Buddy is back too – after over a week of silence he sends me his selfie with a comment of how he decided to let his beard grow again. A very important information for me indeed. Told him I had two dates this weekend, said Yikes in response. At times I really want to punch this guy! 😡


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