Three dates in one weekend…

Is too much. Even for a long weekend! I went on a first date yesterday, spent FIVE hours with the dude. It was my last attempt at going out with a guy who is from my country. I mean it! He sounded like he was a tad weird, but interesting in the beginning. Then the paint of interesting started to peel off and the show-off cheap redneck revealed. I suggested we wrapped it up three or four times I guess. To no avail. Then I sort of just went with the flow – didn’t have anything planned for the evening anyways, so decided to just watch the show and perform a bit myself. At some point he even invited me over to his place! That’s the first one! And his town is 80 miles away too, so it was a sleepover invitation. That night he messaged me inviting for a walk in a park today (which I dodged with a lie, yup), he called me this morning and just tried calling me five mins back too (at half past ten!!!). Ugh, my countrymen are so blunt!

Today I went out with another guy from Match. He was quite the opposite from the yesterday’s experience – he was open, honest and quite unassuming, he listed his quite impressive achievements in his career very matter-of-factly, which made a very positive impression. He seems somewhat boring and well, simple I guess is the word, but hey, this is a drama free territory! If I wanted drama, I might as well have kept my ex, drama was the one and probably only thing he was good at! We spent over two hours in a coffee shop, he asked me if I wanted to eat something suggesting dinner, messaged me afterwards saying I was intelligent, pretty and interesting to talk to, and he makes an overall good reliable impression. Also asked if I were up to dinner or movies some time. So he is interested for sure. I’ll keep him on my list, lol.

The Friday second date guy messaged me too, said he passed his pilot test today.

Keep dancing, keep dancing… And ladies, if you haven’t yet, watch The Ugly Truth, I’ve watched it for the third time today, it has good stuff on dating – it’s exaggerated and makes all wrong conclusions, but watch the lady closely, she’s doing lots of smart stuff without even suspecting it.


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