Scheduling a date

I met with the same guy from last Saturday on Friday. The date scheduling was same evening and went:

– What’s on the go tonight?
– I’m going on a run now, then walk the dog. You?
– I’m doing this and that and then clean… unless I get a better option. 🙂 Then cleaning can wait 😛
– Are you suggesting something?
– I could probably be convinced to do something??
– Oh. You need convincing, huh? Interesting.
– I’ve lead a boring sheltered life for so long… I have no idea what the world has to offer.
– I’m flattered by the idea that you think I’m more knowledgeable on the subject. How about drinks at a pub halfway between our towns?
– I’d love to join you for a drink. I’ll find a good spot.
– <sends a link to a cafe that has boardgames> Have you been there?
– Nope. Boardgames and beer, huh? I’ll have to revise my outfit, but sure, let’s go there 🙂
– Haha.. You don’t have to dress up for me 🙂 I’m fairly casual. What time do you want to meet?
– <
my WTF boys are so full of themselves kicks in> Hey, who said it was for you?! I enjoy dressing up. Men! *rolling eyes* Would eight work for you? I’t a longer drive for you, I could do later too.
– Lol.. you can wear whatever you like 😉 8 sounds good.
-I’m humbled by your generous assent. 😀 I’ll see you there at eight.

The date went well – at least, IMO, it was a perfect setting, although I betcha we were the oldest customers there, but like I care. We played two games, jenga (where you make a tower of wooden pices and then start pulling a piece and putting it on top of the  tower until the whole structure collapses) and Who want to be a millionaire (my pick, the nerd in me won’t shut up!). Being occupied with something makes one less stressed out about the date itself, which is nice, and the guy showed some of the traits I wasn’t sure he had before – he’s quite funny for one, somewhat competitive.

Although he said he’d join me in our conversation above and I was ready to pay for myself, he picked up the bill, also a nice gesture.

We’ve messaged Saturday morning, discussing how the date was fun. Then I haven’t heard from him until Sunday – so I messaged asking how his weekend was going. He replied in the late afternoon saying he left his cell at home when he went for a pilot practice that morning, and how it was nice to be away from the device for a change. I wished him luck in his pilot test today and asked to keep me posted.

Back to my mantra – I will not let myself slide into dicksands again! That’s exactly why I wrote the previous paragraph.


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