A request to the Universe

From how I feel about life, one needs to submit a request to the Universe to get something. You cannot just wish for a something, it should be better defined to get the forces into motion. Since I am stuck with Match for three more months (sigh), I might as well try to put together a shopping wish list.

Dear Universe,

I am submitting my request for a nice guy. I want him to be:

  • Date ready – feel the need to meet someone great and try and take it somewhere from there, not just for a night or two, no fuck buddying situations either
  • Funny and smart – I have no patience for stupid anymore
  • Independent and decisive – no more having a third child nonsense
  • Attracted to me – all of the above is useless to me unless this one is there
  • Have a life – no coach potatoes, they turn me into a crazy obsessed version of myself
  • Financially stable – I’m not in a position to grant any financial assistance – even if I wanted to
  • Decently looking – I guess it’s my shallow side talking, I can’t look past appearance and date garden gnomes
  • My age or older – seems like my past experience with a younger ex was too traumatic

Yours truly,

Crazy Stacie


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