Losing steam

Partly because of a certain very funny (like in odd) situation related to my dating, partly because the whole meeting someone new and telling them about myself all over again is growing old, but seems like I’m losing steam.

The first issue involves other people that I personally know, so I cannot tell the story in a public blog.

The second one though. I grow tired of making the same jokes. I realise that I’d rather meet with a friend I know I will enjoy the company of, or watch a movie, play a video game or read a book than do the whole first date all over again.

I became so desensitised that I automatically register all the flags in a guy’s words or behavior, my own faux pas, but I honestly don’t care. I truly absolutely don’t feel anything when yet another guy disappears. I just pick up the next lead so to speak. Completely indifferent.

I’m growing tired of telling the same story of my immigration all over again, answer questions about the country I came from. Darn, I feel like some expert in the country by now. Hearing the same cliché jokes about it is also getting on my nerves.

Seems like my introverted side has had enough for now. They’re pulling the plug and asking me to quit this whole circus for now. I guess I’m going to take a break from dating. It’s meaningless when I’m in a mood like this.


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