Ah, Universe, you Are a bitch

But my kind of bitch, a funny one. Sarcastic and ironic.

I went out on a first date with this guy last night. He works in a funeral home (LOL), but on the sales side of it. So no, no dealing with dead people, only relatives and dead-people-to-be.

He seemed somewhat boring and still recovering from his separation and divorce (although it’s been four years), but other than that he was the first guy I met so far, who is for real. (Well, fine, the Garden Gnome and the Not Worth the Makeup were that too, but of the people who don’t make me wish I were elsewhere, anywhere but on a date with them).

He knows what he wants, he cares for his son a lot (and not in the oh-so-sugary manner, not at all), we also share our view of parenting, and seems like we have many things in common. I say seems like since one cannot be totally sure after just one date.

He hasn’t flirted much either, no BS of how awesome, adorable or amazing I was, but he complimented me some and was (or seemed to be) impressed by the summary of himself I made when he asked me to (we said we both shared interest for psychology).

I also realised something about G. and how I crushed on him. An important part of my crushing was due to him being trusting, open and honest about his past. It’s not common in my culture for men to freely and openly tell this many things about their past – well, at least shortly after meeting someone. The more guys I meet, the more I realise it’s something that is common for North American culture. So the thing I took for trust and even maybe intimacy is just a local cultural occurence. But it really still blows my mind away, how guys honestly tell you things about themselves in a first date! I mean, I am an open book and all, but still!

Another small thing for the record so to say – the guy said he has his son every other week, as well as every Wednesday night. This week is his ex’s week. And yet when he messaged me yesterday morning (Friday), he said he fell asleep with his son the previous night. May be that he had his son over on an extra night, but I’d rather use House’s line, “Everybody lies”. >:)

The reason for the first sentence and the name for this post is that the guy looks somewhat like my first ex. LMAO! Nothing wrong with that, in fact, S. (the first one) had some similarities with him too, means nothing, I don’t think so, but still, too funny!


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