The hockey coach – also known as pen pal!

We keep messaging – with a very odd frequency. He messaged me last Friday wishing me good luck with my tattoo appointment. I messaged him this Monday – we just chatted some on how the weekend was and that kind of blah stuff.

Now today he messages me, and we text back and forth, having a quite interesting exchange, on a number of unrelated topics for three hours!

No invitation or questions on what my plans are like for the weekend or whatnot follow though. My only rational explanation for this stuff is Back Burner. He has a girlfriend, but he finds me interesting enough to keep messaging me for a “just in case” option.

I am totally cool with it. He’s a good guy, but if there is no interest on his part, so be it, pen pal it is. I will be trying to get him interested to the best of my ability, but I am not coming up with any illusions on his part. He’s just not that into me. That’s it. Moving on to the next candidate, keeping this one on a back burner. Treat them the way they treat you. Don’t come up with excuses for their actions or inactions either. “Keep it simple, keep it real”.


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