Me again!

This time I was ditched by Dutch Buddy. Again. I learned my lessons from the Tuesday last week, when I went and had my nails done all for nothing – when S2 aka “sleep with me on the second date” decided he wasn’t interested in just a dinner on me. Also remembering how often Dutch Buddy has ditched me in the past, I decided I’ll do my nails myself last night if by that time he’d confirm our meeting tonight and went to the gym instead. Surely enough, I received a message saying he couldn’t make it tonight and he had to reschedule for the next week. Funny thing here, although I was quite hopeful about this time, I didn’t even get upset!

My initial reaction was messaging him something poisonous and teasing in response – like how we haven’t seen each other for seven months only and meeting tonight would clearly be too early. But then I thought about how one should stay in their own borders, or try to do so. And a message like that would translate as “you’re the frigging ditcher, how dare you!” And besides, he already knows it already. So after I asked if next Wednesday would work for him and him confirming, I just said that I really hoped to see him sometime soon. People like to feel good about themselves, not being put down.

Another statement that I felt was so true – do squats if you have problems – problems will go away and you’ll be left with a great butt! 😀

Oh, and the hockey coach keeps messaging me – seems like I got myself a new pen pal! LOL


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