Dutch Buddy – why’s he the biggest ditcher in the Universe?

Well, in my Universe.

A girlfriend asked me if I thought that DB may not be getting together with me for the same reasons I cut off all connections with G. I don’t think so – otherwise DB would have done the same – cut off All connections, not just personal meetings.

The guy’s a church goer (as I mentioned before) – i.e. religious to some extent (remember, how he pretty much confessed his sins to me and we agreed that we’d play poker on booze? – well, that happens when you make me the priest I guess). Anyhow, I think he must have some kind of sin scale – and on that scale flirting and talking to a lady in texts and over phone, while he’s on his own, i.e. no need to lie to his wife is one thing, whereas the need to come up with a coverage for an in-person meeting is a way more grievous sin in his books. Thus his reluctance.

I am not too cocky to suggest he is scared of what he may do at a meeting with me – I am pretty sure there is no fear like this in his mind at all – after all, he was able to keep his cool for a year (or since whenever his crush kicked in).

Another episode that may support the sin theory – when he asked me out for a lunch (while we were still working together), the fast food kiosk we were supposed to go to, burnt down the night before. I bet you a religious person might have interpreted it as a sign from Above! A warning sign, that is.


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