Crazy is in the air!

I think I mentioned it before, but men are weird. One keeps texting me but won’t ask out for a date (the hockey coach). He initiates some of the exchanges, so it’s not that he only is being nice by responding to mine.

The other one seems to have expected me to sleep with him on a second date – that or else I am his Plan B (S2).

The third one asks me out, sets the date – and nothing happens. He neither texts nor calls to specify time and place (the colleague).

The fourth one keeps calling me babe and flirting in messages and calls – and never gets together with me face to face (well, he’s married, that’s a different story I guess) (the Dutch Buddy).

The fifth one tells me he’s now decided, he’s a gay going forward, not a bisexual anymore, but says he’s still intended to sleep with me when we meet next time.

The sixth one proclaims his love for me after two dates (the SweetTalker). And he said happy Easter to me too, when I completely ignored his text earlier this week. How can I make it crystal clear to the dude that I am NOT interested.

Is it just me, or does it all sound crazy? Also, can I mix and match the above and get a decent guy by combining parts of these madmen?

PS. My nicotine patch fell off yesterday afternoon, so I had to put a replacement on. I guess because it was this fresh when I went to bed, I had this totally crazy and vivid dream (instruction for patches warns about vivid part, my subconscious added crazy to the mix). I was actually giving G. a haircut! Or rather finishing it up, and he requested a straight razor to be used! And I did a great job. And then a war broke out. And I was incredulous – even in a dream I couldn’t believe that anyone would attack Canada, of all places! Then I kept running between buildings trying to avoid the ones that were about to be bombed. The last part may have been reaction to the PS3 game I am currently playing – no explosions, but lots of shooting.


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