Dating update

S2 guy is weird

So I texted him on Monday night wishing him good night. He responded with Ahhh shucks. I should make dinner for you tomorrow or something lol. Anyway let’s chat tomorrow then…G’night.

The following morning I messaged him saying that as much as I was flattered by the idea he’d cook for me, I was afraid I was somewhat old-fashioned and didn’t go to the guy’s place on a second date. But I’d love to go out with him for a dinner, my treat this time.

His response – Okee totally agree ugh was a crazy thought… But yes sure.

I went, Not crazy, but premature. Lol. What do you feel like for dinner?

When he didn’t reply by 4 pm, I messaged him again saying I was about to leave work and was looking to finalise my plans for that night. So I continued, were we going out or would he like to reschedule?

Hey now that you mention it rescheduling might be best with hockey last night and boxing this morn and being off for 2 weeks I’m just pooped lol. I wouldn’t be much fun lol”.

I said it was fair enough and wished that his moods would improve soon, wished him a good evening.

I haven’t heard from the guy since. Um, did I fail the “Are you ready to sleep with me on the second date?” test? What’s also perplexing is that he’s been off Match for the last week too (deactivated his profile). So my guess is that I was a backup and he’s currently working on a plan A. Whatever.

The hockey coach still messages me here and there, the Sweet Talker messaged me on Tuesday too (asking me if I was ok and then adding that I was free not to answer, he knew how busy I was – which sort of spoiled the good gesture, ruined it even).

My colleague asked me out for beers for this Saturday, will see if he quits yet again.

And my meeting with the Dutch Buddy is next Wednesday. I dare him to cancel on me!


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