S2 made a bold move

I messaged him a good night yesterday to which he replied an hour later that it was too bad he didn’t see my text as we should do something tonight. Like he’d cook for me or something. To which I replied that as much as I am flattered by the idea he’d cook for me, I was afraid I was somewhat old-fashioned and didn’t go to the guy’s place on a second date. But that I’d love to go out with him for a dinner and it’d be my treat this time.

I am not sure that um sex was implied in this one, but when in doubt, act cautious! Or else your refusal may come across disappointing and as an attempt at boosting your own price. I also made it clear that I am not looking for another dinner on him, i.e. again, no “You need to pay more to get the prize” message. Rather “I like your company, let’s get together again and have fun”. If he gets offended by this, his problem. I am within my borders here.

And he replied with: “Ok totally agree ugh was a crazy thought… But yes sure”. I corrected him it wasn’t crazy but rather premature.

Playing the dating game with this guy feels awesome!


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