Ups And Downs… And Downs again

First the network adapter died on my new laptop. Oh well, I thought, I can take it back to the store. Then when I was making lunch for kids using the blender, I thought to myself, why, mom said it’d be dead soon months ago, but it’s still running! Of course I broke its bowl few hours later! 😡

To add insult to injury it seems that the gorgeous S2 is gone for good too! I went on Match account to No thanks some old farts and noticed his profile has either been hidden or deactivated. And he hasn’t replied to my last text I sent this morning. Which isn’t unusual in itself,  I’d only get a text or two a day from him, and at midnight or around that crazy time, but add the two together and I guess his statement from Saturday morning of how much he was looking forward to seeing me is no longer applicable. Which is a bummer, really, the guy was awesome. Oh well, the show must go on, as G.’s favourite band once sang.

I sometimes think that I should follow Einstein’s advice of “If you want a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or things”. Hey Universe, kindly forward a list of goals to me ASAP. Forever yours, CrazyStacie.


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