S2 is back!

I shouldn’t have written the guy off this quickly (nor have the two extra glasses of bourbon last night while I’m on “don’t do it” list).

He replied to my text from last morning – in a manner as if there was no huge disappointment and emergency bourbon drinking interruption whatsoever.

And man, is this guy a player! The fact he pretends nothing happened (a usual behavior would be apologise for not answering the same day and come up with some lame excuse, right?) proves it big time! So does my reaction to this. He is trying to grow his importance in my mind (quite successful, I must admit). Doing unpredictable and illogical things along with making breaks in contact – brilliant! I’ll so use it going forward.

The mechanics of it is: he makes pauses to not oversaturate my part of field with his presence and to make me think of him!

If nothing else, I’ll learn some tips and tricks from the guy! And certainly have some fun in the process!

Here are three lessons of this episode:

  1. Don’t jump to conclusions – you may be making yours based on your logic and experiences, the other person may think differently or have their own motives other than what you think.
  2. Don’t apologize as much as you are in habit of doing – you surrender your power when you say you regret doing something.
  3. Make pauses and don’t message much – don’t overfeed him with your presence. He needs to want more of your attention, and not hope that you’ll finally shut up and give him a break! Feel like chatting? First of all, suck in up, Cinderella, it’s not about You, like so many other things in life. Secondly, focus! – remember the goal – to lure the guy in, not to shoo him away!

PS Even if he is not a player, and just doesn’t give a crap about me enough to bother to apologise or else doesn’t see anything wrong in disappearing for a day, the analysis above helps me learn tricks that work in dating! In any case, it’s always safer to overestimate your enemy, lol.


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