My poor Dutch Buddy

I love trolling the guy! Just LOVE it! 😀

We chatted on the phone yesterday for half an hour. He calls me babe and tells me he misses me, aww!

I again said we should get together. He started telling the old story that he wasn’t a good drinker at all. No problem, I retorted, he’ll only have a beer and if he tries to order more, I’ll slap his hand. Or he’d sleep in his car in the parking lot, he suggested. Whatever works!

So this time not only did we set the day and the place, but also the time – moreover, I sent him an invite and he accepted. That’s a progress! (Doesn’t mean I am getting hopeful at all, on the contrary!)

Seriously though, I think that in his mind flirting in texts and on the phone is quite innocent and harmless, whereas meeting in person outside of the office is a way bigger misconduct. So I am totally intended (that is, if we actually do meet) to be on my best behavior. Because honestly, I appreciate his friendship a lot and don’t want to jeopardise it for some short-lived fun that will also be harmful to him and others.

There are plenty of guys out there I can have That kind of fun with. DB is my friend though. With some flirting icing on our friendship.


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