Sleepless musings

It’s just before four in the morning – the best time for some blogging I guess!

I’ve been going over my two recent failures in relationship yet again and I may have pinpointed another factor that lead to where it all ended – my old-fashioned idea of how sex equals becoming serious in a relationship. I had no idea there was this connection in my mind – until I did some digging into my past and yup, every time I started feeling differently about the thing with the guy after some fun between the sheets. Well except for that one night stand at 20 where I was quite drunk and heart broken from my previous crush.

Knowing about this um issue now I will untie this knot in my mind, as my ideas of chastity have dramatically changed over years Рbut my mind turned out to be stuck in my early twenties where I was such a different person from who I am now (a worse one, hypocritical, covering her fears and insecurities with the ideas of high virtue).



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