Dating update

There are two good developments from yesterday.

First, there was this smoking hot guy from Match who I winked at without much hope for response. Not only did he respond, but we started texting in no time. He left for a business trip to Shanghai for a week yesterday morning (or so he said, whatever), but I REALLY hope we’ll be in touch when he’s back. With his looks and by the sound of it (the few messages we exchanged), he’s absolutely gorgeous. I don’t really care even if he’s the biggest liar in the Universe – if I get to spend some time with him, it’ll be awesome! I am actually considering printing his picture and putting it up on the treadmill every time I go to the gym as a motivator! 😀

The second piece of good news is that the hockey coach is back! After he ditched me last weekend and I haven’t heard back from him since, I decided he has ghosted me. I shrugged it off with “At least I tried” and moved on. But then he texted me last night, asking how I was and then suggesting that once his crazy busy time is over we’d get together. I played it cool too – didn’t say back “Hell, yeah!” (Which was my true reaction) or even “You betcha!” – but said “I guess I would be interested. Let’s keep in touch for now and let me know when you get a break” (I’m getting so much better at it, so proud of myself, especially considering the few drinks I had by the time he messaged!).



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