Dating chronicles

Guys are weird. I won’t be coming up with nicknames for the new batch I have in processing yet. But still want to record some funny things about it.

So the guy number one – we’ve called twice over the weekend, spent over an hour on the phone the second time around. The conversation was quite nice (except for the fact that he’s been doing most of the talking, which is not typical in my case). But some moments were kind of odd – for instance, he asked me how tall I was. I am not sure what my height is in imperial system, just metric. But I said what it approximately was in imperial, and yet he went to my profile to check. That’s odd, right? Also told me how he was getting hundreds of messages on Match. Made a compliment – that I was beautiful – and immediately asked if I blushed. Um, not really, man, I heard this one and more before. LOL!

Same guy suggested we get together someday. I said sure. I suggested a town that is midway between our locations. He accepted. Today he suggested a town that is way closer to his place though. Again, really? I said I’d still prefer the town halfway from my town. Screw that, I am not being convenient!

Another guy from Match – his profile said he was a professor at a university. Guess what he says in one of his first messages? Exactly that. Dude, do you think I cannot read or something? Or do you want to throw your importance into other people’s faces? Either way, no go!


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