Dating updates

At the speed I’ll run out of letters for guys’ first names pretty quickly. I mean, they’ll start repeating. For now I am good though, partially because I called the Dutch Buddy that and not J. Otherwise I would have to come up with a nickname for one of the guys on my current dating list. Poor me! Lol.

Speaking of the Dutch Buddy, I asked him if he said anything to G., he said no. I believe him, he wouldn’t lie, he’d own up to this kind of stuff and tell me the reason for it. One of his messages yesterday made me go aww – I still wish you were at our place. I understand you are in a better environment now, but my selfish wish is that you were still our Queen of Finance. That’s when I told him that my selfish wish was to get to see him more often than once in a blue moon or rather never and that I was more upset about his suspected betrayal than the whole breakup thing. He said we were all good in response.

Now to my dating list. Guy number one – the one I went out just over a week ago for the first time, the one that didn’t start off well but I decided to give him a chance. We actually went out on a second date last Wednesday. And after that I did some drunk texting (facepalm), where I told him how he was a nice guy and all, but that I wanted to take it slow and not rush into anything at this point. This made him feel like I was trying to blow him off.

I still cannot tell if his sweet talking (a lot of it, like in A LOT, TOO MUCH, MAKE HIM STOP!) is his strategy, a daring and crazy one, but still, or if he really crushed on me this fast. On the first date he told me about a case where he went out with somebody from the site and the same night she started sending him texts professing her everlasting love – and how it was crazy, and that he didn’t use the word that easily… Now two dates into the thing, he calls me his Darling, sorta hints at meeting my mom and yesterday said he fell in love with me at first sight. And that is frigging awkward. I guess I still believe it to be plotting and intentional attack to try and get me out of balance. Fat chance Mister, my emotions are grounded, the brain took over and isn’t buying into this whole crap.

We were supposed to go out last night, but then he said his daughter was sick. I asked if he was taking raincheck for the night. He didn’t know yet. Few hours later my girlfriend told me she completely forgot we were going out in the afternoon and asked to reschedule for the evening instead. I went back to Mr. SweetTalk and told him about it, saying I wanted to check with him first. Got Absence makes the heart grow fonder in response as well as – you should go if you feel like it. Nice move man, first you aren’t sure you’re going to make it for a date (for a valid reason, no doubts here), then you sort of push the fault of quitting on me. Sweet! He asked when we’re going out again, I said Thursday night. Not sure I won’t ditch him earlier, all this romantic crap is getting on my nerves ironically. Careful what you wish for, I feel like I’m in Bedazzled!

Guy number two, the guy from work. He’s just weird. Honestly! We sort of said we’d go out last night (I know, double booking, but it was a holiday and I thought I’d do something with Mr. SweetTalk during the day and then go out for drinks with the colleague at night). Anyhow. I messaged him Friday night asking if he were gone yet – suggesting a smoke. He said he was. So I wished him a nice weekend. Sunday night, almost at eleven, he texts me happy Valentine’s. I didn’t see it until Monday morning, and replied with a thank you, how’re you? Heard nufin since! Weirdo. Bye!

Now to the guy I actually have some hopes for. We met on Match back in August – and here’s what I wrote about our first date –

We texted some more into early September, then I left for Italy, the whole G. thing developed (darn it!) and we just stopped messaging. I messaged him last Friday asking how his guitar lessons were going and how he was doing. He replied and few messages later asked me out (to catch up, lol). We’ve said we’d either go out last Sunday if he got back from his cottage early (didn’t have much hope for a second first date on the Valentine’s Day, too much pressure), or else this coming weekend since he is coming into town anyways to visit his friends. We’ve also texted a bit yesterday. Now I really need to wrap this up and go do some work! LOL


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