G. ditched me last night

He called me, said we needed to talk. And then he told me that we shouldn’t be romantically involved anymore. That he thought I needed more than he could give me. He suggested we still stayed friends, as he enjoyed my company so much. Could grab a beer after work or something. NOW he can go out after work?! I said I didn’t think so, it hurt too much. I also told him that I was planning on having the same conversation with him this Saturday. Also added some crap about how he wanted to see his mom and his friends more often. That one is old. Like in ancient.

What I am pissed about is that he did it over the phone! I believed he deserved a face to face conversation. He clearly didn’t feel that way about me.

I am also super pissed at the Dutch Buddy. I suspect he told G. what was coming. Cuz when I messaged him that G. ditched me, yay me, he said nothing. I messaged two hours later, saying I was a drunk mess (which I wasn’t, not really). He replied, so he ditched you. Plot twist. Are you in good spirits about it? To what I said, look up mess in dictionary, last time I checked it didn’t have anything to do with good spirits. And I wasn’t plotting, he told me he didn’t love me nor wanted to develop this anywhere last time I saw him, that’s why I was going to quit it. 

I bet he thought his poor friend G. was about to get a very hard blow from this flirty shallow chick. Although I’ve been telling him about things that were going on, before I told him it was G. I was seeing. Ugh. So disappointing. If it was him tipping his good friend off, I hope he feels bad now! 😡


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